About Us


At Dayspring Cypress Church, we believe you have a special purpose that God created you for. Some spend a lifetime trying to find that purpose, while others don’t know what to do once they find it. You can find purpose here at Dayspring.

Dayspring was founded as a bible study in 2013, in Peter and Michelle Garcia’s living room. Their first gathering had 6 people. Within a few months, they decided it was time to answer the call to ministry and become pastors. Peter and Michelle had served in ministry for over 10 years and experienced the grace of God in many ways. This allowed them to obey God with an open heart.

Pastor Peter prayed for a strong men’s ministry and Pastora Michelle prayed for a strong children’s ministry and God answered. Through faithful prayer, Dayspring was formed and held our first Sunday night service on September 28, 2014.

Since that day, God has continued to grow His church in faith and in family members. Today, Dayspring is a growing and thriving church full of people that love the Lord and each other.

“Jesus loves you and so do we”. This is one of the things that you hear most at Dayspring. We believe that since God loved us so much, that we will love others the same way.

John 15:12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

Come to Dayspring Cypress Church and experience the peace and love of Jesus and begin your new life in Christ today. Once you are here, you are family.